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Why should snacking be minimized?
Frequently snacking and drinking sugary beverages between meals can cause decay. While a healthy diet is important, decay is less about what you are eating and more about how often you are eating it.
Patient Education

Why choose a pediatric dentist?
How can I prepare my child for a visit?
When should my child have their first infant oral exam?
Why are primary teeth important?
Why fix baby teeth?
Why are young children seen in the morning?
Why are x-rays important?
Why use digital computerized x-rays rather than standard x-rays?
Why is fluoride important?
What are sealants?
Why is sedation necessary for some children?
What is a pulpotomy?
Why are stainless steel crowns sometimes necessary?
How do I know if my child is having a dental emergency?
What do I do if my child’s tooth gets knocked out?
How do I identify an abscessed primary or permanent incisor or molar?
How do I identify an apthous ulcer?
What do I do if a notice my child has a discolored tooth?
What do I do if my child has a displaced tooth?
What do I do if my child fractures or chips a tooth?
What do I do if my child has a frenulum laceration?
How do I care for my child after they have received an anesthetic for a dental procedure?
What is an eruption cyst?
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