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Why are sealants important?
Sealants are a thin plastic covering on the biting surfaces of the molars. They cover areas which are prone to decay from food getting stuck in the grooves.
First Visit

Kids in the bay

Your child’s first set of teeth, also known as “baby” or primary teeth, are very important. Healthy primary teeth help your child feel confident in their appearance, chew food easily for proper nutrition, learn to speak clearly and even shape your child’s face. When teeth are not cared for, your child’s overall health can be affected. Untreated decay in primary teeth can even lead to decay in erupting permanent teeth.

Your child should have their first dental visit within 6 months after the first tooth appears but no later than their first birthday. The first visit in many instances could be considered a “well-baby check-up” for the teeth. This visit allows your child to meet Dr. Cupelli in a non-threatening way in which they can start to build a relationship. Dr. Cupelli and her staff will conduct an examination. During the examination they will check for decay, evaluate the child’s bite and any other potential problems with the gums, jaw and oral tissue. She will also assess your child’s fluoride needs and may take x-rays. This visit will also be used to educate the parents about oral health care for the child and give the parents an opportunity to ask questions. Regularly visiting the dentist at an early age will give your child the right start towards maintaining their oral health.

Prior to the visit, it is important that you not mention anything that could give your child a negative impression about the dentist. Avoid letting people tell your child any scary stories about visiting the dentist. Children can sense apprehension in adults so do your best to be positive about the visit and not share any anxiety you may feel. Do not bribe your child into going to the dentist. Using a dental visit as a punishment or threat will send a message that something bad will happen at their visit. Let them know the dentist is there to care for them and make sure they stay healthy. It is important to get them off on the right foot to make all future appointments as enjoyable as possible.

Children should visit the dentist every six months unless otherwise instructed. Dr. Cupelli prefers to see young children in the morning. This is when they are well-rested and generally more cooperative. Morning appointments are also preferable because they don’t usually conflict with mealtimes or naps.

The patient history form is provided for your convenience to print and complete prior to your scheduled appointment. We will also have copies available at your appointment if you would prefer to fill it out in the office.